Will eating fat harm my health?


The old paradigm of low fat/calories as gone as part of the failed food pyramid based on faulty research. Eat fat, get thin. Focus on high nutrient dense whole foods & take back your health.

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Bear in mind that your brain is over 70% fat, so if you eat a low fat diet, you are starving your brain. Trans fats are bad, so called because when heated, they chemically transform into a form your body and brain cannot use, and therefore tend to be stored as body fat instead. Cooking with sunflower oil for instance, or vegetable oil is not good for you. However, sunflower oil in a salad dressing is fine. For cooking use extra virgin olive oil, butter, lard or coconut oil, as they are resistant to much higher temperatures than the other oils.

If you are worried about cholesterol levels, remember it is so important to our health, that our liver makes most of what we have. Putting cholesterol against an artery wall is the body’s response to inflammation. Like a scab on the outside of your skin, protecting a wound, cholesterol will seal areas of inflammation on the inside of the arteries in order to allow the artery to heal itself.

In previous times, when food was simple and fresh, this would rarely happen. Refined sugar in it’s many forms, sugar, sucrose, glucose syrup, corn syrup etc, is one of the biggest causes of inflammation, and as it is so many prepared foods now, the body is in an almost constant state of inflammation, causing the cholesterol to build up.

Get rid of the inflammation by improving your diet and cutting right down on sugar as much as possible, and the cholesterol will generally sort itself out. There are of course a few people who have a genetic problem with cholesterol, but they are a tiny minority in the population, but for the vast majority of us, it is a question of inappropriate foodstuffs causing inflammation.

Remember there is a difference between sugar (the food) and blood sugar, which is not the same at all, it was an unfortunate misnaming, that often causes confusion, as some people think it means they actually need food sugar for energy. We don’t need any refined sugar at all. The body will turn any food into blood sugar, or more accurately named blood glucose in order to produce energy.

The right kinds of fats are positively good for your health, both body and brain. They will also fill you up more, making it easier to eat the right amount of food. They help to prevent anxiety and depression. Scandinavian research found that the brains of suicides were smaller with less fat content than normal brains. The brain is predominently fat, and needs fat to function.

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