Why should I get a separate keyboard and mouse for my laptop?


Laptops have an inherent problem, if the keyboard is in the correct position the screen is too low and too close, (resulting in you tilting your head forward which can result in stress/strain on the upper back and neck) if the screen is at the correct distance and height (this will result in you extending your arms which can result in stress/strain on the upper arms, neck and shoulders) Laptops are a great tool which now outsell desk tops but we need to be very aware and careful of how we use them, as many people will use them in the same way and for the same amount of time that we would use our desk top computers, so when using them for more than 20/30 minutes at a time treat them in the same way you would a desk top computer – experiment so that you use the laptop as a screen – experiment with the distance and the height, position the screen so that you have your head in balance (use a laptop stand which may still need to be raised to get the correct height or a monitor arm fitted with laptop mount which will give total flexibility for height and depth) and then source a separate keyboard and mouse and position these so that you can try and create a posture which allows you to maintain a relaxed posture in your upper arms, neck and shoulders. Look at the overall set up including desk height, seating or standing comfort, position of screen, position of keyboard and mouse etc – Most importantly you need to learn to move on a regular basis and listen to your body, when you body says “ouch” it is telling you that you are doing something which is going to result in some discomfort (stand, stretch, make a cup of tea, go for a walk even if it is only for a couple of minutes, anything is better than ignoring the signals)


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