How can I connect to my true desires?


Following on from connecting to feelings and needs, this can be a big question. Some people just seem to naturally know what they desire in life and go for it while others are confused or unclear. Another Feminine Power Coaching practice is to go deeper. Using the breath to connect to the body and imagine that breath going deeper and deeper into your body. From here ask yourself what you truly desire and listen for the answer – don’t let the mind get involved but rather it can feel like it rises up from the core of you. It feels authentic, it feels alive and dynamic. It may feel impossible but there’s a deeper knowing that it is possible if you want it. Have fun with this and don’t be too attached to the outcome. Be curious.

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Great question, and something that often comes up when I’m working with clients. I think it’s hard, especially for women in midlife, to separate out what it is they want/need/desire from the wants/needs/desires of others. And there is guilt: Am I being selfish? Why should it be all about me? Do I deserve this? Isn’t it a luxury I can’t afford?

I agree with Samantha’s comment that you need to dig deep to find out what’s in your heart; it’s a listening process. I think it’s great to create some space and time to really think about it; write everything down that comes into your head – everything – without censoring or dismissing a thing. Things will come up and we’ll want to dismiss them for a range of reasons that will seem valid: I can’t afford it, it’s not for me, what will people think? Don’t. Consider everything as possible. Put the list away and come back to it later. Is there anything that really jumps out at you and excites you? Remember this is not about the HOW it’s about the WHY!

These are the things you could start to explore (yes, there might be more than one thing) and to build goals around. There are so many ways that we can live our dreams and desires when we give ourselves permission to discover them, and then pursue them.

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