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The Nine Sign-Posts Of Nutrition

When it comes to your health, don’t underestimate the power of good nutrition. What you put into your mouth becomes your fuel. That fuel either burns easily and generates energy or turns to sludge and depletes your life force.

One of the problems many people face is that there are so many food choices available. To confuse the matter, many food products claim to be good for you, but have questionable benefits and ingredients. Consciously choosing to eat healthy food now will not just help you increase vitality, it will may also help you avoid many forms of illness and disease as you age.

The aim of the nutrition quest below is to help you identify ways to use food to heal and fuel your body, rather than damage or deplete you energetically.

This quest is divided into four sections:

  1. The first three questions are the basics for maintaining good health. To give you credible measures to assess yourself we have included Government guidelines, advice from nutritionists as well as results from studies.
  2. The second set of three questions are included to build your awareness of some of your food habits and their effects on your well-being.
  3. The third set of two questions are to help you have real clarity. They are designed to help you recall the things you may have done in the past and forgotten (or forgotten why you did them).
  4. The final set of questions are goal setting questions. They are designed to help you think about your overall nutrition and how you want it to be.[/vc_column_text]

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The Eight Sign-Posts Of Nutrition


Your Next Step
The eight sign-posts of nutrition give you the most critical information and feedback from your body about maintaining good health. They also build your awareness and help you get clarity on what you already know about your nutrition.

Answering the above questions and being clear about your answers will help you maintain, improve or transform your nutritional health. But it is just the beginning. Here is some additional learning.

Additional Learning Quests:

  1. Take a test and increase your knowledge about your body
    A nutritional DNA test will show you what genes are turned on or off in your body. Knowing this helps you understand the potential health risks, specific to you. A DNA test results can also show you the supplements you need to take. To understand more about the individual needs of your body and take a nutritional DNA test: CLICK HERE –

If you are in the UK and aged 40-74 you may be entitled to a free NHS Health Check. This will tell you if you are at high risk of getting certain health problems. Get your free NHS health check

  1. Check out the Success Habits Quest
    In the Success Habits Quest we share a meal planning template designed to help you think ahead and plan for success. Take a look at the Success Habits Quest now
  2. Read additional resource material
  • Click here to see what a healthy diet looks like and to find recourses on how to create a healthy diet for yourself.
  • If you want to reduce or remove sugar cravings click here
  • For a list of sample healthy foods, suggested amounts and regularity click here
  1. Get Personalised Help, specific to you

Everyone is a little different, so it stands to reason that your body’s nutritional requirements are likely different to another person’s. To get specific nutritional help for your goals consider getting help from a qualified nutritionist. Click here to find a nutritionist near you. ADD LINK TO SEARCH PAGE


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