Food & Nutrition Quest Next Steps

Your Next Steps

Your answer to the nutrition quest give you the most critical information and feedback from your body about maintaining good health. They also build your awareness and help you get clarity on what you already know about your nutrition. Answering the questions on the previous page and being clear about your answers will help you maintain, improve or transform your nutritional health. But it is just the beginning. Here is some additional learning.

Additional Learning for Food & Nutrition

1. Take a test and increase your knowledge about your body

What can your DNA tell you about your diet, nutrition and future health risks?
Former Olympic athlete and Head of Sports Science at DNAFit, Craig Pickering, gives an exclusive interview for Questly members. Discover the diet and nutrition you need to focus on to meet your individual needs and protect yourself from future ill-health.  Click here to watch the interview

If you are in the UK and aged 40-74 you may be entitled to a free NHS Health Check. This will tell you if you are at high risk of getting certain health problems. Get your free NHS health check

2. Check out the Progress Tracking Quest

In the Progress Tracking Quest we share a meal planning template designed to help you think ahead and plan for success. Take a look at the Progress Tracking Quest now…

3. Read additional resource material

  • Click here to see what a healthy diet looks like and to find resources on how to create a healthy diet for yourself.
  • If you want to reduce or remove sugar cravings click here
  • For a list of sample healthy foods, suggested amounts and regularity click here

4. Get Personalised Help, specific to you

Everyone is a little different, so it stands to reason that your body’s nutritional requirements are likely different to another person’s. To get specific nutritional help for your goals consider getting help from a qualified nutritionist. Click here to find a nutritionist near you.


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