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Welcome to the Exercise & Fitness Quest!

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Exercise helps control your weight and body shape. As you age, exercise can help reduce the risk of certain diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Regular exercise can have a positive uplifting effect. It is known to relieve symptoms related to stress and can lead to improved sleep.

For some, the goal for exercise is just to move more and be more active, others like the challenge that comes from progress, competition and new experiences.

The aim of the exercise and fitness quest is to help you find exercise that is most beneficial to you based on your needs and unique body.

*Disclaimer – Before embarking on an exercise programme you are advised to speak with your Doctor.

This quest is divided into four sections:

  1. The first three questions are the basic considerations for exercise and fitness. These questions look at frequency, intensity and interest.  They will help you understand your “exercise personality”
  2. The second set of three questions are designed to help you plan your exercise. They include questions about motivation, challenge, variety and environment.
  3. The third set of two questions will help you get more clarity on what you want to achieve and where you can learn more.
  4. The final set of questions are goal setting questions. They are designed to help you think about your overall exercise and fitness and what you want to achieve.

Question 1

According to the UK Government Guidelines, “Adults should aim to be active daily. Over a week, activity should add up to at least 150 minutes (2½ hours) of moderate intensity activity in bouts of 10 minutes or more – one way to approach this is to do 30 minutes on at least 5 days a week. Alternatively, comparable benefits can be achieved through 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity spread across the week or combinations of moderate and vigorous intensity activity.”

According to personal trainers a person should be active almost hourly, taking around 250 steps per hour, for 9 hours each day. They also say that it’s not just about movement, it’s about stability and mobility, for example being able to get up from a sitting position on the floor without kneeling or using your hands.

Your Next Step

Additional Learning Quests:

  1. Take a test and increase your knowledge about your body
    A DNA fitness test will show you what type of exercise best suits you. It will show you what balance of endurance and power exercise will best work for you. It will show you your susceptibility towards injury and how quickly your body recovers from exercise and the amount of recovery needed between exercise sessions. Knowing this helps you understand how to perform best in your exercise and feel the benefits of your fitness. CLICK HERE –
  2. Check out the Success Habits Quest
    In the Success Habits Quest we share an exercise planning template designed to help you think ahead and plan for success. Take a look at the Success Habits Quest now
  3. Read additional resource material
  4. Click here to see more resources on exercise.
  5. Get personalised help, specific to you

Everyone is a little different, so it stands to reason that your body’s fitness requirements are likely to differ to another person’s. To get specific fitness help from a qualified personal trainer near you. Click here ADD LINK TO SEARCH PAGE


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